There is much to be covered by the term 'navigation'; Ranging from knowing the coordinate system of latitude and longitude, to how to plot courses, and avoiding collisions.

Navigation is one of the most crucial tasks onboard both today and in days gone by. In 1719 Bartholomew 'Black Bart' Roberts was a Welsh navigator onboard the 'Princess' from London. He was Captured by Captain Davis of the 'Royal Rover' and forced to join the pirate crew. Captain Davis soon took to consulting Roberts in matters of navigation. Six weeks later, after the death of Davis, the pirate crew elected Roberts to be their new Captain. Black Bart Roberts went on for 3 years capturing over 400 ships, far more than Black Beard or any other pirate. When you know your boat's position and how to get to your destination; the sea is at your command.

Latitude And Longitude covers everything you need to know about the coordinate system for the planet Earth's surface.

True & Magnetic is all about the difference between these two types of readings, how to use a magnetic compass, and integrate it with the chart.

Aids To Navigation covers buoys, lighthouses, beacons, and markers that assist us in navigating on the water.

Navigation Lights informs us about the lights that various boats carry to be displayed at night and in times of limited visibility.

Avoiding Collisions the rules of the road and how we use these rules to stay out of the way of other vessels.

Unlocking The Chart tells us how to read a nautical chart from water depth to the light characteristics of a buoy to how to navigate into a harbor.

Speed, Time, & Distance covers the everyday calculations we need to be able to do onboard. A simple system is discussed to help out.

Plotting Positions & Courses goes over how to actually fix our position on the nautical chart and how to find out where we are. The fix, running fix, DR, and estimated position are discussed along with many illustrations of how they are used.

Currents goes into the details of navigating in moving water. How to calculate the correct course when the water wants to carry you somewhere else.

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